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Integrative Bodywork

Image by Lina Trochez
Bodywork: Welcome

Combining deep relaxation with over a decade of experience healing issues of acute and chronic pain, I tune into your unique body and facilitate its innate capacity for healing. Using a combination of connective tissue release, passive stretching, energy work, and neuro-muscular reprogramming, I help the nervous system to settle deeply while addressing the specific restrictions in the body causing pain and imbalance. By gently easing open those places in the soft tissues that are stuck, I help create more fluid circulation and flow of energy throughout the body.


I began my bodywork studies in 2012 at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork on Kauai, a pioneering school which combines psychotherapeutic tools and presence-based awareness with structural bodywork. My work is also highly informed by Axis Syllabus: a community of dancers researching bio-mechanics, fascial release, and structural integrity through dynamic movement. I have studied Yoga Therapeutics with the Shakti School of Yoga in Boulder Creek, Osteopathic Thai Massage in Southeast Asia, and Energy Medicine in Berkeley with my teacher Lynda Caesara. I am a certified Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming Practitioner from the Healus Neuro-Rehab Center in Mill Valley.


I aim to restore structural integrity to the body by releasing and bringing awareness to underlying patterns and compensations. I believe that healing is a collaborative journey between client and therapist in which the work that happens on the table translates into re-patterning of movements and postures that speak to the root of pain, and ultimately create lasting freedom in mobility and expression. Through a present moment awareness to you and your body's needs, my strong, intelligent, and intuitive touch allows you to release limitations and expand into embodied awareness.

Image by Kevin Butz
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