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Alchemical Body

I am a Somatic Practitioner facilitating pain resolution, stress reduction, and recovery from developmental and shock trauma. Through gentle touch and dialogue, I support you to reduce the release of stress hormones, engage internal awareness to let go of the pain and experiences holding you back, and re-organize the organic capacity of your body to heal itself.

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"The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect."

Peter Levine, Creator of Somatic Experiencing

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Are You Suffering From?

-Chronic Pain


-Panic Attacks

-Exhaustion & Fatigue



-Inexplicable or "Uncurable" Medical Symptoms?

Any of these symptoms may be the lingering effects of shock, medical, or developmental trauma.

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If you suffer from any of these issues, if you know you have a history of developmental or shock trauma, or if you have symptoms that don't seem to improve through conventional or alternative medicine, somatic process may well be the hidden key to your healing and recovery.
Where many treatments take a piece-meal approach to the body and mind, somatics understands that you are a WHOLE PERSON, body, mind, and spirit. The nervous system is often the missing link that must be tended to if genuine, long-lasting, and thorough healing is to occur.
I offer direct interventions to regulate your nervous system, build resource and resilience, re-pattern embodied memory, and support you in developing the life skills and somatic awarenesses that radically transform your mind-body connection.
Clients walk away from treatment not only with their symptoms drastically improved, but with greater self-awareness, resilience, confidence, and the capacity to be in relationship with self and other.

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