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Open Source Forms

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Open Source Forms (Releasing Dance) is a unique somatic, healing, and creative practice, a journey into releasing tensions and shedding outer layers, letting go into greater power, dynamism, and nuance in one’s movement and creative practice.

This fall series (Releasing plus) will blend OSF’s deep state work with imagery with practicing spiraling movement patterns, floorwork, and spinal articulation.

We will expand our capacity to move freely - both through cultivating our transparency to embodied images, as well as slowing down with movement motifs, tuning into the pull of fascia and sequencing of motion through the body. Dynamism emerges from the practice of listening.

A poetic, intuitive approach to accessing greater physical freedom while cultivating imagination, courage, and specificity in movement.

This practice is for you if….

…you’re craving a pause during the week to slow down and tune inwards

…you’re wanting to experience more effortless, fluid, and integrated movement

…you are a creative soul who loves the power of images and poetry

…you’re hungry to expand your movement capacity and vocabulary

…you want to be in community with other like-minded somanauts


Sessions include improvisation, deep-state work with imagery, movement motifs and explorations, and partner studies.

OSF is deeply rooted in and fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique, combining influences from Alexander Technique, Zen Buddhism, and ideo-kinesis. This series will also blend principles and practice from the Axis Syllabus.

Appropriate for all levels of movers.

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Fall 2023 Releasing Classes

5 Tuesdays

Sep. 19 and 26

Oct 3, 10, and 17

@Redwood Raks- Bella Studio

824 L St Suite 16, Arcata

Students are encouraged to sign up for the entire 5-class series, though drop-ins are also welcome.

Classes are offered at a sliding scale. 

For those who are,

-low-income or student, $20/class, $90 for full series

-comfortably employed, $30/class, $130 for full series

To register, please complete the form below, and I will follow up with you via e-mail on further details and payment.

Anastasia Barron is a certified Open Source Forms teacher with over ten years of experience in somatic movement, bodywork, and therapies. Besides OSF, she has trained extensively in Axis Syllabus, Butoh, contact improvisation, and physical theater, and has performed in or co-created over thirty shows in the Bay Area, NYC, and Humboldt. She is also a mother, MFT Trainee, bodyworker and somatic  practitioner in private practice researching the interface between images, healing, and somatic experience. 

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Releasing Dance Registration

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